About Target Compression

About Target Compression

BodyVine’s compression taping is made of thin but strong and elastic poly elastomers. The elastomers compressive tapings can be applied on an elastic fabric to increase and change its stiffness. The taping patterns are specially designed to meet different needs of Human body parts. The designs are basically based on anatomical structures, biomechanics principles, and therapeutic taping techniques -- such as kineso taping and athletic elastic /non-elastic taping. To fulfill different functionality and applications, BodyVine uses several type of elastomers to create different formulations that can perform the best result.

1. Provide targeted stability ,protection , endorse freer movements:

It can provide targeted stability and protect vulnerable structures of human body while in result achieve desirable action activity.

2. Increase circulation

Muscle contraction is one of the main methodologies that assist venous blood return. The additional pressure generated by the elastomer compressive tapings can increase partial and graduated compression; for such increase circulation, reduce or delay fatigue and improve exercise endurance.

3. Stabilize muscles and reduce vibration

The elastomer compressive tapings can also be designed to stabilize muscle and reduce unnecessary muscle vibration, thus enhancing exercise performance.

4. Tighten and reshape body curvature

The elastomer compressive tapings can stabilize and reshape soft tissue. In such specially designed tapings model can help achieve a better body curvature.

5. Strengthen targeted muscles

The elastomer compressive tapings can be designed to furnish a fixed resistant force onto clothing. Therefore, certain placement for elastomer compressive tapings can target certain muscles training. In such wearing the design clothing even during regular daily activities will effective perform muscles training.

6. Create directional pull for better posture

The elastomer compressive tapings can change targeted stiffness of clothing which in turn creates pull force at specific direction. This directional pull can serve as a self-correcting reminder to body posture and as a long-term improver.

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