About Power-Band and Triple Compression

Power-band ™ compression tapings are made of unique and very elastic silicone formulas which BodyVine uses to build in here compression garments and supports to provide muscles and tendons with extra and target compression and support.  This technology allows BodyVine to use thinner, more stretching and more comfortable fabrics on her compression products which gave customers a totally new wearing experience.  BodyVine is capable of various silicone formulation and the production techniques that go with.  Depended on the taping requirements, Bodyvine creates silicone formulations that meet the stretching and supporting needs in various colors, thickness and bonding strength.

About Power-Band

Triple Compression

Triple Compression is Bodyvine’s patented silicone taping construction.  The Power-band silicone tapings in Triple Compression are bonded to both the base wicking fabric and the top mesh fabric.   The triple construction promotes the  compression level of silicone taping zones to step further and is suitable for wearers who require firmer support or perform at intense sports.

Triple Compression

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