About BodyVine®

The brand name BodyVine is derived from observations of the natural mutualistic relationship between vines and trees.  The image of a vine wrapped around the trunk of a tree is representative of the way the BodyVine’s Power-band taping technology been applied to human body on targeted muscles and tendons for advanced compression and support.

The Vine-like Power-band Compression Tapings of BodyVine use thin, flexible, but strong elastomeric materials.  In combination with the knowledge of the biomechanics, and the theory of sports tapings, BodyVine creates several kinds of tapping technique that can be applied to garments and braces to compress and support specific body parts in activities.  The result is reducing unnecessary vibration and disruption of target tendons and muscles, but yet promoting blood circulation of the body parts more precisely and effectively. Wearer can reduce the fatigue experienced from work or exercise, enhances physical performance, and minimizes the risk of injury.   Flexi-Gel is also incorporated in the design of specific products to provide extra relief of the pressure, swelling and pain from injury while encouraging the recovery of the body.

At BodyVine, we believe actively pursuing health and vitality is an attitude as well as a lifestyle. BodyVine aims to provide products that can be worn regularly at exercise and daily life and help modern individuals to make the most of their passion in an easier way. The vision we desire to convey to our clients is-- Bodyvine wants to help you develop “ Your Lifestyle of Health”  

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